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Place: Suspended

Place: Suspended

Red Hook, Brooklyn NY

What is our relationship to the familiar and the unknown? How do we navigate the tenuous balance between safety and possibility, anchor and escape? Place: Suspended is a tactile invitation to explore these questions as we interact with its tiny floating galleries and creative playgrounds hovering over the sidewalks of Red Hook. Change and uncertainty is inevitable as the tethered galleries hang from large, inflated, weather balloons. They may rise or fall, tip, or sink. As their host unsteadily responds to environmental variations, so do the platforms by their ever-changing content. As the tiny park is playfully curated by passers-by, each incarnation will become a memory of experience. Place: Suspended offers a moment to express one’s unique relationship to familiar public space, place removed, and the unexpected possibility of what is and what could be.


It was a wonderful experience encouraging those who may not consider themselves "creative" to stop and play for a minute. I was surprised how invested community members became in their creations and the collaborations between pedestrians that took place.  I hoped to provide an opportunity for art-making and creative play in a way that was unexpected and approachable, all while challenging what we view as "possible."

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